About the Immuno-Oncology Essentials Initiative

As immune checkpoint inhibitors are employed in a wider array of tumor types, a range of immune-related adverse events (irAEs) are being recognized. Some of these toxicities can be difficult to diagnose, complex to manage, and potentially persistent throughout a patient’s life. These toxicities differ completely from those associated with chemotherapy, with which oncology care providers are more familiar.  Therefore, there is a need for knowledge transfer from experts within the immuno-oncology research community to the community-based practitioners now utilizing immune-based therapies across tumor types.

To address these challenges, the Immuno-Oncology (IO) Essentials Initiative was created. The IO Essentials Initiative faculty is a group of advanced practice providers and other members of the healthcare community who have extensive knowledge about both cancer immunotherapies and the specific tumor types for which they are approved. This effort is designed to (1) educate and engage healthcare providers to optimally address irAEs, with a focus on contextual issues within the tumor types; and (2) educate patients receiving cancer immunotherapy to be proactive members of the oncology team in terms of irAE recognition and management. With achievement of these 2 goals, the IO Essentials Initiative should help improve therapeutic outcomes for patients receiving cancer immunotherapy.

We hope that you find the content helpful in your efforts to take the best possible care of your patients receiving cancer immunotherapy. We welcome your feedback and encourage you to come back again and again to this resource as we add additional tools and materials with you in mind.