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    HI Lisa,
    Despite the rampid impact of flu among staff, patients and community we have only had a modest inquiry from patients on ICI’s regarding taking prophylatic tamiflu. Our approach is congruent with that of yours, if at high risk, in a high risk situation (direct care provider for an flu + ill person), or demonstrating early onset sx then we typically are not recommending tamiflu.

    Homeopathic approach:
    Oscillococinium, 1 vial weekly during flu season, may serve as a respiratory protectant against respiratory aquired illnesses. This can be used in addition to regular good sleep, eating, hydration & stress management habits.
    This is not a guarantee just as tamiflu is not a guarantee of not acquiring the flu, but it may reduce risk and will not interfere with other medications.
    Oscillo can be found OTC at most pharmacies where homeopathic medications are available.

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