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      o.k.- so here is another unusual effect that I have (maybe)seen; though unclear if directly related to immunoRx- so wanted to get others experience (my opinion is that it is…I am keeping informal track).

      At least a half a dozen patients have experienced a rather sudden need for either a root canal, tooth extraction, or similar type of dental intervention. Most of the patients tell me that have never had a similar dental issue, or if they have….it has not been in a number of years, usually decades.

      Anyone else noted this? If not, would you be willing to include in your ROS? I am interested to see if there really is something to this. Dental issues are not typically something patients report, or even think to tell their Oncology Team.

      Thanks for considering!

      Thank you!


        I don’t know if I’ve had dental issues per se. I do have a lot of patients calling regarding whether or not they can have dental work done. Might be good to better keep track of those and what they are having done, frequency, etc. Thanks for bringing forward.



          Xerostomia (from Sjogren’s as an immune adverse event) can certainly set people up for decay and other dental issues.


            Just tossing another consideration into the ring. When patients develop rash and or itching, we typically recommend anti-histamine therapy to manage mild to moderate grading of this adverse event. Rash +/- itching can occur early, recur often and can be a prolonged experience which may warrant frequent and possibly prolonged intervention. Anti-histamines can by drying, especially to the oral mucosa, this added dryness could potentially accelerate dental issues. This is not the norm but it could be an experince of a small subset. Any at risk patients should consider partaking in regular dental checkups.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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